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Event - Reception's Walk on the Wild Side

3 May 2012

Our topic this term is called 'take a walk on the wild side'.

We invited Gribblybugs to our classroom to help us find out more. We had a fantastic time looking at unusually large minibeasts such as praying mantis, stick insects, African snails, millipede and a tarantula!

We learnt the difference between insects and other bugs and about habitats and eating habits. Lots of us were brave enough to hold and stroke the different types of minibeasts. We also enjoyed playing minibeast games.

Tim from Gribblybugs left us some baby caterpillars to look after; they are already twice the size! It won’t be long before they turn to the pupa stage. Why don’t you visit our classroom and see for yourselves?

Learning about camouflage with a leaf bug.
The hissing cockroach felt smooth and hard.

This feels like a toothbrush on my hand.
Who's hiding in the shell? Be quiet, and you will find out!

What sort of eggs are these?
Who was brave enough to stroke the tarantula?