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Event - Time Capsule

7 October 2012

As part of our ongoing celebrations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and our school’s 75th Anniversary we have taken part in contributing to the Ash Green time capsule.

The community had been asked to place items and details about life in 2012 into the capsule. Wheelwright Lane children wrote their thoughts on life and school and drew pictures, which we put together in the form of a book.

On Sunday 7th October 2012 at St Giles Church we all gathered together to place the capsule in the garden. It was great to see many children and families from our school there to join the celebration.

Of course it will be the children that will be opening the capsule in 60 years time. We hope they remember to! But if they forget, a commemorative stone will mark the spot.

Outside St Giles Church with the capsule.
Lots of people from the community were there.

Putting the capsule into the ground.
Some of our children helping to cover it over.

The plaque to mark the spot in the Remembrance Garden near the church.
When it should be opened.