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Event - Stations of the Cross

6 April 2017

All the pupils came together with the Reverend Andrew for a special Easter Assembly. Each class had been asked to interpret two Stations of the Cross through art, music, poetry, or some other creative way to express what it meant to them.

There are 14 stations which tell the Easter story and are often to be found represented around the walls in Roman Catholic Churches.

The stations are: fear, betrayal, judgement, disloyalty, powerlessness, torture, burdens, mercy, tears, forgiveness, hope, family, death and tomorrow.

Mrs Browne and the Rev Andrew were really impressed by just how creative the children had been.

Year 2’s work, disloyalty and forgiveness (together with a few representations of the other stations) will be presented as part of the Good Friday service at St Giles Church.

Everyone is welcome at the service. There will also be a display in school.

Fear and Betrayal.