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Event - School Sports Day

15 July 2014

The whole school took to the sports field on Tuesday the 15th July, the weather was perfect, warm and cloudy.

In front of a fabulous turnout of our parents all the children took part in a variety of activities. Key Stage 1 pupils had a round robin of several sporting tasks including; push the ball, egg and spoon, and football shoot.

Key Stage 2 children were involved in competing in events including the sprint, obstacle course, javelin, basketball shoot and standing jump. At the end of the day all the pupils came together to race in their relays and then we all enjoyed the Tug of War.

The winner overall when all the scores were tallied was Emerald House. An excellent day was that caused great excitement and anticipation all morning for the pupils. Well done!

Diamond team on the bat and ball.
Waiting for the KS1 relay.

A welcome break.
Year 6 obstacle race.

A pep talk for Ruby team.
Brilliant help from our friends at President Kennedy.

Concentrating on that egg well!
Emerald team standing jump.

Running and jumping all over the place.
Sapphire team balancing well.