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Event - Year 5 at the National Space Centre

1 May 2019

This summer term, on the 1st May 2019, Year 5 went on a school trip to visit the National Space Centre (NSC) in Leicester.

Once we had arrived, after what felt like a very long journey on the coach, we took a masterclass about rockets and why they are painted white. We were also told about an American paints company named PPG, who manufacture rocket paint, who funded our whole trip!

Josh, one of the educators, created a miniature, DIY rocket engine, using alcohol and a match. It made a big bang and gave everyone a shock!

Once we had finished in the science lab, we watched an educational planetarium film about the dangers of space and what it takes to be an astronaut.

The NSC also had lots of interactive devices, which taught us lots about gravity, the surface of planets and operating astronomical machinery. Lots of us enjoyed guiding the simulated Mars rover and roleplaying inside the artificial spaceship.

by Ethan and Fares, Year 5