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Event - Year 4/5 Space Production

6 May 2016

Today Years 4 and 5 produced a polished performance for parents and carers. Their production was about the race to explore space and to put a man on the moon that started in late 1930s.

Parents were treated to lots of interesting information, facts and suitably chosen songs, performed and sung with great enthusiasm and a real sense of enjoyment.

The performance was chosen as it related to their topic work for this term. Space and growing rocket seeds for Year 4 gravity and forces by Year 5.

Many thanks for everyone who attended and a big thank you for providing costumes.

by Maaheem, Abigale and Jake, Year 4

1930s space exploration explained.
America win the space race to the moon.

Costumes were worn to help identify the characters.
Interviewing Neil Armstrong.

Michael Collins the forgotten astronaut.
Narrators setting the scene.

Singing Great Explorers.
The Blue Mooners in action.

The space race begins.