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Event - Jorvik Centre in York

23 February 2012

As part of Year 3 and 4’s Viking topic we visited the world famous Jorvik Centre which offered the children an authentic Viking encounter as well as being a valuable and cross-curricular learning experience.

Everyone did well to be at school for an 8.00am departure and we arrived in York just before 11.00am.

Whilst there, the remains of 1,000 year old houses were revealed beneath the children’s feet, objects taken from the excavations are explored and children travelled back in time around the Viking-age city of Jorvik aboard state of the art time capsules!

We explored artefacts in the garden.
A video conference with Bork at the Jorvic Centre.

We were able to view through glass beneath our feet some Viking homes that had been excavated.
Through the glass!

We learnt about the different materials used to build Viking houses.
The Vikings attacked and took York in 866; they called it Jorvik.