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Event - Our Seaside Trip to Hunstanton

7 June 2011

Tuesday 7th June was a big day for the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 as we went on our trip to Hunstanton. All of the children will be doing topic work on the seaside this term with a slightly different focus:

  • Reception will be focussing on the theme of 'Commotion in the Ocean'.
  • Year 1’s theme is 'I do like to be beside the seaside'.
  • Year 2's topic is entitled 'Wish you were here'.

Everyone did well to be at school for an 8.00am departure and we arrived in Hunstanton (having taken a very scenic route!) just before 11.00am.

After a picnic on the beach the children enjoyed first hand experience of a day at the seaside including beach activities, ice-creams and fish and chips! We left Hunstanton just after 3pm and arrived back at school well before 6.00pm. The weather was warm with some cloud cover so just right for the day.

Can we say a big thankyou to the children for being so well behaved and the army of staff and Parent Helpers that worked so hard to make the day a success.

We took up a lot of space on the beach.
The sun shone, but the clouds made sure we had some shade.

Miss Davies couldn't wait to have a paddle.
The water was cold at first for Mr Barrow!

That's better - we are used to it now!
Miss Clay was ready for her water.

Fantastic teamwork with the sandcastles.
A very orderly line of pebbles.

I'm very proud of my sculpture.
Amazing beach art by Year 2.

We enjoyed our fish and chips.