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Event - Crystal Maze Maths Challenge

22 October 2014

Funs with Maths This morning Year 1 and 2 were put into teams of five. They were asked to complete 15 mathematic challenges and for each one completed successfully they were given a crystal.

Each crystal they gained gave the team extra time to search in the crystal pool to find as many dominoes as they could, the team with the most spots won.

We have run this event for a few years, our pupils always enjoy a fun morning of problem solving and love diving into the pool for the dominoes.

All the pupils worked really well in their teams.

A kennel for the dog.
Bee Bots Track.

Fifteen tasks in all.
Get set go!


How many eggs in a week?

Krystal Maze.
Organise your day.

Sort the fish.
Stacking high.

Talking it through.
Throw for twenty.

Washing line muddle.
Working as a team.

Year 1 Winning Team.
Year 2 Winning Team.