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Event - Year 6 WWI Trip to Coventry

16 September 2014

On the 16th September Year 6 visited the Herbert Art Gallery and the ruins of Coventry Cathedral for our topic on World War 2.

When we arrived we were met by Brian, our guide for the morning. We first went into a studio to do some 'acting out' it was from a book called Why, by Nikolia Popov. The book was chosen to illustrate how silly the idea of war is and how they can start over something insignificant.

We also went to the Reconciliation Gallery which contained a variety of items, all from people who were involved in the war.

After lunch we all went to Coventry Cathedral, we looked at the ruins and remains of what must have been a beautiful building. We found out lots of interesting facts; like where King George stood the day after the blitz when he visited the city.

I liked both visits and would really like to go again.

by Amrina, Year 6

At the gallery.
Coventry Cathedral.

Gas masks and shelter.
Listening and learning.

Looking across to the old cathedral.
Looking at one of the many beautiful engravings.

One of many items donated to the gallery.

Some facts about the blitz.
The Cross from the debris.

The old cathedral.
We remember.