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Event - Coombe Park

5 February 2014

On Wednesday 5th February, our class and Year 6 went on a trip to Coombe Park. It was a very cold day so we wrapped up warm. We went as part of our topic about rivers. The river we were learning about was the River Smite. It’s source is in the village Willey in Leicestershire.

First we met Rosie and the rest of the staff and we looked at a map of the River Smite. Then my group went pond dipping. We caught a pond skater.

Our second activity was measuring the depth of part of the River Smite. We measured the depth of the river at four points across its width. We had a table to fill in. Then we had to draw another table and fill it in with the speed of the river. We recorded the speed of the river we dropped a stick into the river and timed it with a stopwatch until it came out on the other side of the bridge.

Our third activity was drawing a labelled diagram of the weir. We drew the weir, revetments (brick walls to keep the river from overflowing) and the river banks.

Then we all went back to the coach. It was fun on the way back. The driver put on lots of music that we all enjoyed singing along to.

We arrived back at 12:45 and had lunch and as a treat on such a cold day we all had hot chocolate.

by Beth and Ruby, Year 5

Arriving at Coombe Park the river was very high.
This weir helps to regulate the level of the river.

Measuring the depth of the river.
If you look carefully you can just see the sticks we used to measure the speed.

Pond dipping.
A tray with our pond dipping finds.