Full Governor Information and Interests

Governor Category of Governor Appointed by Other Role Date Appointed End of Term Committee Affiliation Declaration of Interests Attendance in 16/17
Chris Browne Headteacher Virtue of office   01.01.13 N/A Res, P&S, Nursery None 14 out of 15 meetings
John Deas Co-opted Governing Body Health and Safety 15.06.17 15.06.18 Res, P&S, HTPM, Pay   1 out 1 meeting
Jackie Essex Staff Elected by staff   12.03.17 12.03.21 Res, P&S, Nursery None 13 out of 15 meetings
Lee Farndon Vice Chair, Co-opted Appointed Training Link 28.05.15 28.05.19 Res, P&S Wife employed at school 6 out of 10 meetings
Paul Greenway Parent Elected by parents   09.06.14 09.06.18 Res, P&S, Nursery None 7 out of 15 meetings
Dave Grove Chair, LA LA Chair of Resources, Safeguarding and Child Protection, E-safety, Patch 06.10.14 06.10.18 Res, P&S, HTPM, Pay, Nursery None 10 out of 15 meetings
Jane Harris Co-opted Appointed   28.05.15 28.05.19 Res, P&S, Nursery None 15 out of 15 meetings
Stacey Rutherford Parent Elected by parents SEND, Patch 30.01.17 30.01.21 Res, P&S, Nursery None 6 out of 7 meetings
Memory Manyika Parent Elected by parents Chair of Performance and Standards 28.05.15 28.05.19 Res, P&S None 10 out of 11 meetings
Joanne Evans Associate Governing Body   21.09.17 21.09.18 Pay None N/A
VACANCY Co-opted              
VACANCY Co-opted              
VACANCY Co-opted