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Event - Zoo Lab

5 February 2015

On Thursday the 5th of February a lady from Zoo Lab came to our school to share her knowledge of Charles Darwin and the animals he encountered on the Beagle. She brought in animals such as: a Corn snake – elaphe guttata guttata, a Chillian Rose tarantula -Gramastola Poteri, a cockroach, a toad and an African snail.

We (Year 6) learnt many things, for example that in Charles Darwin's time people could just take animals and plants from different places and examine them, whereas nowadays we can’t. Year six was allowed to stroke: the cockroach, the corn snake and the shell of the African snail.

We learnt that the snail could actually feel its shell being stroked and that its body is like a sponge – it absorbs the oils from our hands which could cause death. That was why we only stroked the shell. The toad can puff itself up to make it look bigger and stronger.

It can also release fluid from its body so that it can get away faster (it makes it more agile). The toad is a herbivore. Corn snakes eat rodents. Their eyesight is not very good; they rely on their forked tongues to capture their prey.

by Lexxie F-F

Touching Ghost the corn snake.
Eight eyes and eight legs ugh!

Dont worry he's captive the cockroach.
Cane toad from Australia!

Twix the African snail.
Twix the African snail.