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Event - Year 1 Walk Round Ash Green

January 2012

To prepare for our topic ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ Year 1 went on a walk of our local area Ash Green.

We looked at all the different types of houses and saw detached, semi-detached and terrace houses. We noticed that on one side of the road the numbers are even and on the other side the numbers are odd.

Prior to our walk we wrote letters to our talk partners. We took our letters with us and went to the post office where we brought a stamp to post our letters in the box outside. We learnt that the stamp is stuck in the top right hand corner.

Back in the classroom we were busy designing and making model houses. We built our design using recycled boxes and materials. It was very tricky making the windows for our houses, although we had lots of fun sticking and painting our houses.

After lots of hard work out houses were finished and they all looked fantastic! We just need to find some little people to live in them now!

Year 1 went on a walk of the local area.
We all went to the post office to buy a stamp.

We all posted letters to our talk partners.
We saw lots of different houses on our walk, and we got to work making model houses.

We all worked really hard with our talk partners.
Our model flat was really tall with lots of windows.

We made a colourful semi-detached house with a garage on the side.