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Event - Year 6 Collect Coins for the Cord Charity

21 June 2012

Year 6 had a visit from Bryony Long who works for a charity called CORD.

She told them about how life was very difficult in parts of the world and how in Darfur, people are frightened to step out of their houses. In the middle of the night solders would come knocking on the doors of peoples houses and they would have five minutes to pack their things up in one rucksack otherwise they would be blown up along with the houses. Once they had fled their home, they escaped to a refugee camp in Chad. There they have basic shelters, water, food, and an education.

The education that children receive is very basic. They have to sit on mats in the hot sand from 6am to noon. The children leave at noon because that’s the hottest time of the day. The children get one book and one pen each per year to use.

This touched the children, so the teachers decided to give the children three weeks to collect up as much pennies and tuppences as they could.

On the 5th of July we put all of the change on a 50 metre line across the playground and managed to raise £65.00. This is enough to educate a child for a year.

The coins were stored in the jar.
We carefully tipped out the coins.

We then began to separate the coins.
Just look at all the coins we collected!

The children began to lay the coins down.
We all worked on the line together.

Look at all our hard work.
The finished job - all counted.