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Event - Year 5 Plant Investigations

9 July 2012

This summer term Year 5 have been studying the lifecycle of flowering plants and understanding what is required for plants to grow.

We carried out a science investigation to see what plants needed in order to grow successfully. We tried the following things:

  • Lettuce seeds with no soil
  • Lettuce seeds with no water
  • Lettuce seeds with light, ie. kept underneath a box
  • Lettuce seeds in a cold temperature, ie. kept in a fridge
  • Lettuce seeds grown in sand
  • Lettuce seeds given cola instead of water

We found out that all the seeds germinated, but after that they grew quite differently.

Surprisingly the seeds given cola grew very well, as did the seeds grown in sand. As expected the seeds in the dark, in the fridge and given no water did not grow very well; they were very pale and spindly.

We also had fun at the allotment helping Mrs Shreeve to weed and harvest vegetables.

Seeds without water.
Seeds in the dark.

Seeds from the fridge.
Seeds in sand.

At the allotment.