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Event - Year 2's 'Belonging' Topic

15 May 2012

Our topic on belonging was very strongly related to RE. We looked at Christianity and Sikhism to see what they wear to show they belong to a religion. We have learnt a lot about the 5Ks and the meaning behind these.

As part of our Geography, we looked at how we belong to the school community. As a result we wanted to improve our school, so as a class we wrote our own action plan in response to a letter we had received off Mrs Browne.

Ready for the Jubilee celebrations, we planted hanging baskets and cleaned up areas around the school. We also carried out a survey to see which areas other classes thought we needed to improve.

During this topic, we also looked at how seeds germinate into plants. Through drama work, we looked at the different stages of growth. Then we carried out a scientific investigation to see what seeds need to grow.

We showed our respect when we visited the Gurdwara, by bowing to the Guru Granth Sahib.
We were given some Pashard to taste. This had been blessed.

From our action plan, we decided to tidy areas around the school.
A hard day's work cleaning areas around the school.

We made hanging baskets to improve the school ready for the Jubilee celebrations.
We looked at how seeds grow into plants through drama.