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Event - Year 1 Investigate Pondlife

20 April 2015

Year 1 have been very busy investigating all about ponds, and in particular they have been finding out all about the common newt.

When Mrs Frith went into the classroom earlier this week the children were totally engrossed in a number of activities - finding out all about life found in ponds. Early next week there is a trip planned to Ryton Pool to put all their knowledge to good use. Hopefully even see a common newt while they are there.

An interesting fact Mrs Frith was told by Alfie was that "water scorpions breathe through their tails.” Certainly something she did not know!

Matching photos and names.

Taking time to get it accurate.
Understand graphs and charts.

Using the iPads to research.
Busy, busy, busy.

Coloring and drawing carefully.
Frogs and toads.

Life Cycles.