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Event - Year 1 at Ryton Pools

27 April 2015

On the 27th April, Year 1 went to Ryton Pools and spent a lovely day dipping into ponds and working hard in the woodland. The morning was spent swishing nets carefully into green ponds, seeing what could be found, then identifying and recording it.

We stopped for lunch and a play in the park and then in the afternoon we did lots of tasks to complete in the woodlands. Amongst the many activities there was - making shelters, mud painting and interestingly, also - finding out what did not belong in the woods.

The weather could not have been better we all enjoyed being outside in the sunshine.

Bear Grylls would be impressed!
It was a beautiful day.

Looking carefully at what we found.
Making a shelter.

Ready for the pond dipping.
Swishing the net around what will we find.

The start of our woodland adventure.
Then lots of things to do in the forest.

We had some time for some fun too.
We had to follow instructions.

We had to identify what we found and make a chart.
Working together.