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Event - World War II Day

12 September 2012

On Wednesday 12th September 2012, Year 5 began their topic - The Blitz: A local study - by looking at what life was like in England on the home front. Both children and adults had the opportunity to dress up in typical 1940’s outfits.

Children took part in a carousel of activities where they were able to experience different areas of life in England during World War Two.

  • Children made cookies using a ration recipe. Carrots were used as they are naturally sweet.
  • Another activity was the ‘make do and mend’ were children learnt to knit, crochet and the meaning behind this phrase.
  • Inside and outside, children were given the opportunity to play with WW2 playground games. These included dominoes, marbles, hop scotch, skipping and tidily-winks.
  • Children enjoyed looking at real artefacts from WW2. They, then, sketched the artefacts using their artistic skills and paying attention to the detail.

The ‘Make do and Mend’ campaign.
Knitting is harder than it looks.

We made our own hop-scotches, then tested them out.
Using our artistic skills to draw artefacts.

Do you know how to play marbles?