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Event - Wedding of the Year

18 November 2015

Our Reception and Nursery pupils went along to St Giles Church on the 18th November to find out what a wedding ceremony is all about.

We walked down to the church on what was a very windy morning but thankfully it stayed dry for our walk there and back.

The information and ceremony is part of the Early Years topic 'It’s Good to be Me' where the children look at different religions and getting married in a Christian church is a part of the topic. The pupils will now have a better idea of what it's all about.

A big thank you to the many helpers who walked with us down to the church and to our Vicar, Andrew Gandon for explaining it to all the children.

Nursery pupils about to set off.
Arriving at the church.

Waiting to go into church.
Walking down the aisle.

The vicar asked if we were sure about this.
Concentrating hard.

There were lots of bridesmaids.
We found out all about weddings.

It all went very well.
We all loved watching the ceremony.

All back safely.