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Event - Year 5's Victorian School Day

24 April 2012

On Tuesday 24th April 2012 Year 5 held a Victorian school morning. Both children and adults had the opportunity to dress up in typical Victorian costumes.

Children were taught the ‘three r’s’, reading, writing and arithmetic. This involved reciting times tables, writing on chalk slates and using a traditional quill and ink pen.

There were a set of class rules that meant that pupils needed to stand when an adult entered the room and address the teacher as Maam, those not doing so were punished by standing in the corner with their hands on their head. Other punishments included wearing a dunces hat, writing lines on a slate and in extreme circumstances children were caned.

This day was truly unforgettable!
George M

I’m so glad I don’t live in Victorian times, it was like a living nightmare!
Matthew J

I really enjoyed my Victorian school day, I would do it again.
Lewis–John M

It was really good but I would hate to be in Victorian times because it was much stricter than today.
Joseph R

PE drill.
Quill and ink writing.

The boys recite a poem.
The girls reciting a poem.

Eating our lunch.