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Event - Warwickshire Search and Rescue Team

17 May 2016

The Lowland Rescue Team visited the school today to explain to the pupils what they do. The children were excited to meet James with Luna, Donna with Merry, John and Nick.

They are a group of volunteers who cover the Coventry and Warwickshire area and make the time to help the police search for missing vulnerable people. They work on an on call basis and log in to say when they can be available to help. They meet twice a month and have had to learn the following skills to be operational:

  • First Aid
  • Navigation with maps and compass and GPS
  • Radio Communications
  • Missing person Behaviour
  • Search Skills
  • Water Safety

The school will be looking in to some fund raising events that can be held to help this well deserving organisation.

They are a friendly team who are always looking for new members to help with rescue, fund raising, and support roles. For more information they ask you to visit their website (external link).

Year 6 were just as keen to meet the dogs!
Learning to say hello to Donna and Merry.

Outside with Reception and Nursery pupils.
Its not so heavy.

James with Luna.
Visiting Year 1.

A few of the Rescue Team.
Getting up close and personal in Nursery.