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Event - Year 2's trip to Hunstanton

18 June 2012

To help us with our Geography work this term, we went to Hunstanton. It is a town near the coast.

We used this as our topic launch for ‘We Wish You Were Here’. We did this because we wanted to compare and contrast a place in Britain which is different to where we live.

From the trip, we were able to complete lots of exciting Geography work. We looked at how Great Britain is split into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Using the photographs we took, we looked at human and physical features of the coastline in Hunstanton.

During this topic, we also looked at some Olympians. We made our own set of Olympic Top Trumps Cards and looked at the different countries they came from .

Replenishing after our long trip.
Enjoying ice lollies by the seaside.

Busy making sand castles.
Look at the treasures we found!

Relaxing after a hard day!