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Event - Fundraising News 2013

September 2013

Last year was very successful in terms of fundraising events, both for the charities that we support and for raising money for extras for the children in school. The fundraising committee would like to show you just what your generous support of events has provided so far this year.

Having invested a lot of money in re-modelling our kitchen, a major focus for this term has been to equip it so that the children can use it safely and successfully for cookery. We have purchased twenty new aprons in two sizes at a cost of £120 – these were made for us by Mrs Jenny Pardoe who runs a handicrafts business in Atherstone. Another purchase was two butterfly tables and eight chairs (cost £380) which are used in our before and after school clubs and by the younger children for cookery lessons. A big advantage of these is that they store safely and tidily under the work benches when not in use. The last ‘big spend’ for the kitchen was £160, spent on pans and numerous small items to help us with a range of cookery projects.

The second main focus for this year has been the purchase of a set of ‘Boomwhackers’, which are musical instruments. They are very accessible, even to our youngest children, and so will be useful in extending the provision of music throughout the whole school. The cost of £519 included a whole class set of ‘Boomwhackers’, a workshop for every child in the school and some staff training.

Fundraising efforts in school are currently led by two members of staff with the support of the other staff members and parents who feel able to lend occasional support. Ideally we would like to have a School Association led by our parents, grandparents and friends of the school.

If you feel that you would be willing and able to take on a hugely rewarding role within a school association, please contact Mrs Essex or Mrs Wiltshire via the school office.

Thank you.