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Event - Year 2's Enchanted Forest

November 2011

To help us to prepare for some very important work next term we invited Nuneaton Wildlife Sanctuary to our school to show us different nocturnal animals. Year 2 then researched lots of information about nocturnal animals.

We then received a letter from WLP Mayor to say they wanted to build houses on open land. After a discussion as a class, we decided to have a protest to show how much we did not want these houses to be built, therefore saving all the nocturnal animals.

During this topic, we also looked at circuits in science and then used them to design and make our own torches to see in the dark.

Our walk around Proligis being animal detectives.
Getting our message across!

Year 2's protest to stop houses being built.
We are proud of our circuit.

Creating a circuit in science.
Using the torches that we designed.

Finally, we have a working torch!