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Event - School's 75th Anniversary and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee

31 May 2012

We were delighted to hold a ‘street party’ at school. It was a double celebration for our 75th Anniversary and the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Our friends from Exhall Grange joined us and we spent the day doing fun activities, all in red, white and blue.

Every class carefully selected a dance, each to represent a decade since the school was opened and spent all week practising. Unfortunately, as soon as we went outside for our big performance, the rain started and we don’t think it has stopped since. However we were not disappointed for long as the special anniversary cake soon made its way round the classes – it tasted delicious.

We have a timeline board opposite the school hall with pictures and events from each decade. We wonder who will be around for the 100th anniversary?

We practised our dances whilst it was still dry.
A time before the rain, rain, rain!

Red, white and blue was the theme for the day.
The street party moved indoors. We all know the reason why!

Staff and family members all helped out.
It was a brilliant party.

The special cake tasted yummy!
Happy Jubilee Day!