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Event - Year 3 visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens

6 October 2014

On Monday 6th October, children in Year 3 braved the rain to visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens.

Once there, they transformed into Rainforest Explorers and took part in a Rainforest Challenge. Working in teams they had to read and interpret clues which led them to rainforest plants in the Tropical and Sub-tropical glasshouses. The children co-operated well and enjoyed being in amongst the plants.

It was great to see rainforest plants such as the Kapok tree, venus fly-trap, bamboo and cocoa tree not to mention the epiphytes growing on pillars and walls.

Watch out for diary entries and leaflets coming soon from Year 3 as we use the experience in our writing.

Arriving and getting read to visit the glass houses.
Through the jungle!

Green bananas.
A senna plant.

The colours were amazing.
Rainforest birds.

In the gardens.
One of the guides telling the children where rainforests are found in the world.