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Event - Bears, Bears Everywhere

28 February 2012

When Opal class came back from the half term break something very exciting happened. A bear called Patch came to visit! He came to find out all about the learning in our reception class.

Every morning we found a new letter from him asking for help, as he was very confused! So each day we tried to teach him something new. He learnt how to share; how to add and subtract; how to write stories and most importantly about different bears around the world. We loved writing back to him.

Then we came to school one morning and he had gone!

Patch had decided to travel around the world to meet the other types of bears. He wrote lots of postcards telling us about his adventures and we sent our postcards back to him. We had to wait a long time for him to return but when he received his invitation to our Teddy Bears Picnic he soon started to travel back. Luckily he arrived back on time and we had a fabulous party to celebrate his return.

Patch learnt lots and so did we in fact if you visit Opal class you may still find Patch watching a game of skittles or learning in the Bug Research Lab!

We can't believe it! A bear has come to stay in our den!
I am so excited. Patch is back from his travels today.

Making sandwiches for our Teddy Bear's picnic.
We shared the cakes onto the plates.

Our teddies really enjoyed the party. And so did we!
Party games are so much fun!