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Event - Awe and Wonder

9 May 2013

On the 9th of May, Reception class went looking at nature all around the school as part of their Awe and Wonder Topic. They found lots of trees and spring plants and even looked for some minibeasts.

"Beautiful trees full of pretty blossom," said Poppy and "amazing yellow pansies!"

All the children loved the way the branches of the willow tree drooped and the shape it was, we also noticed that the wind had blown lots of petals off the magnolia tree.

Mrs Shreeve moved a few things for us to look under, big mats and logs, we thought we would find lots of mini beasts because it had been wet but we could not find any.

We did have a lovely time though out and about.

It's all very green!
Amazing pansies still in bloom.

Blossom on the trees.
No daisy chains.

Magnolia in bloom.
We looked under old mats.

We looked under old logs.
We struggled to find anything.

Willow brances drooping.
What a lovely shape!