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Event - Year 4's Ancient Egypt Day

24 January 2019

On the 24th January as part of Year 4’s topic on Ancient Egypt the pupils had a specialist visitor come to the school to work with them on an Egyptian themed day.

A range of Egyptian artefacts were brought in for the pupils to handle and learn from. There was a range of activities available: mummification, making clay models, weaving, paper-making, playing Egyptian games and story telling.

Introduction to Cleopatra.
Canopic jars, a covered urn used in burials to hold organs from an embalmed body.

An amulet made from clay.
Amulets to go into the sarcophagus.

Mask of Anubis.
Copying images to make amulets.

A mummy in the sarcohagus - a stone coffin typically adorned with sculpture or inscriptions.
Removing the brain through the nose, which was then thrown away.

Whip and top game.